The first three days of quarantine in the Czech Republic

Ok, ok I get it! Yes, I should stay home, but it was so nice I couldn’t resist. Yes, I realize that this is part of the problem. Yes, I am going to be better and stay at …

22 thoughts on “The first three days of quarantine in the Czech Republic

  1. Adrián Chesanouski says:

    Hi Ariel, try to find a place to leave things that come in from the outside separated from those of daily use, the items that one brings from the Supermarket can be carriers. Courage and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. teta Kateřina says:

    Hi! I coudn't figure out how to send you a message so I have to write it as a comment.
    Wish I could send you a mask but we can't keep up making them even for our relatives. Hope the link I'm sending you might help. Just remember to use cotton and wash it at 90 degrees Celsius + iron it at a high temperature too (and often). Can send you some cotton cloth though. Take care and go out as little as possible!

  3. Mirek Josiek says:

    Hledal jsem si cizojazyčné zprávy o současné situaci v Čr a náhodou mi vyskočilo tvé video.
    Nevím, do jaké míry si tu chráníš soukromí, ale podle určitých záběrů mi trvalo asi 5 minut zjistit přesnou adresu tvého bytu.
    Na tvém místě bych byl opatrnější. I když věřím, že většina lidí je hodná. 🙂

  4. Petrhrabal says:

    Ariel, you should definetly wear a face mask. Now it is forbidden to enter public spaces and public transport without one. Many people create them and offering it. Try this interactive map:

  5. Pavel Suk says:

    The only mask I have at home is CM-5D with universal filter.
    And in these days it is much better to use a car instead of public transport. Or preferebly not being in Prague at all.

  6. Adéla Štindlová says:

    if you dont have mask yet at least use a scarf or something, there is a lot of groups on facebook where you cant find someone who is sewing them, or you can do it yourself, peole are making tutorials how to do it yourself

  7. TheTroofSayer says:

    Starting at 1:32, I don't believe that you didn't do anything or touch anything – not a good idea to go drinking out of strangers' cups during a pandemic lockdown. Just sayin' 🙂
    Here in a gloriously sunny spring day in Budapest, we also had lock-down. But a lot more people here wear face masks, than appears to be the case in Prague. Budapest streets were dead, compared to the usual tourist throngs… very surreal, given the gorgeous weather.

  8. Petr Kachlik says:

    Dead Ariel, we are taking this situation sieriously, therefore If you go shopping or wheater the else, please take you face mask together…maybe in Prague but anywhere else we're taking it seriousely, thank you and,well health…😉😷👍

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