Hong Kong: Quarantined travellers given wristbands to track movements

Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Foreign nationals arriving from the EU to Hong Kong are being asked to self quarantine and given wristbands to track …

11 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Quarantined travellers given wristbands to track movements

  1. Orang3 Monkey says:

    Here in the Philippines after we're told to quarantine at home, everyone goes outside and drink on public roads with their friends. All riders and drivers who are unlicensed drive around shouting at everyone like hooligans.

  2. Chen Uy says:

    God allows this to happen to All nations for people to repent and turn away from their sins.. Christians in wuhan were giving masks while spreading the gospel of Jesus to them…Now china recovered 70,000+ and lower cases daily… The US and EU are Not spared by God's judgment so repent!

  3. Ken Cur says:

    Quarantine is not something new, nor something different from any other forced isolation. There is nothing wrong with it, and the alternative is to actually be locked down somewhere. This gives you freedom. I am against “big brother” solutions whenever possible, but people complain too much about nothing sometimes.

  4. Peeky Blinder says:

    Shengen was a recipe for disaster and with this virus proves it. The eu is a despicable organisation. Countries in the eu asking why no help they only respond to money and only in receipt of it

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