Financial toll from the coronavirus turns Seattle into a ghost town

CGTN’s Ediz Tiyansan reports on the financial toll in Washington State from COVID-19. It’s the hardest hit U.S. state and officials are taking even more extreme …

25 thoughts on “Financial toll from the coronavirus turns Seattle into a ghost town

  1. Steven Wolf says:

    LIES. Seattle is not a ghost town. Homeless/drug addicts still swarm 3rd Ave. hacking and choking (probably from the crack). Capitol Hill is still swarming from hipsters hanging out at bars that look like their closed but are not as you can enter from the back and no one knows. Restaurants are packed on E. Pine like the Adana, Japanese U-don, and one other joint on Pine in the same area. Not really concerned with those inside catching the virus but really need to watch it on Metro buses. Nasty! 3/21/20 a man blew his nostril out of mucous on route 11 on the late evening bus. Disgusting!

  2. nash11 says:

    All the liberals in the city, brag about how educated they are and how they "care" about others and the environment, are packed in alki beach, acting like it's all normal

  3. D Ultimo says:

    Seattle, Washington…..a Far left utopian area for American liberals & Antifa-esque people to reside in & enjoy their happiness!

    Ever since January 2020 AD to March 20th 2020 AD, among New York as the top 2 leading cities of COVID-19 infection cases & deaths!

  4. Seen Franklin says:

    Behind, idiocracy! A non-threatening virus blown out of proportion by big tech companies and click baiters on YouTube.

    This virus has NOT killed 99.99986% of the global population in the 3 months it's been spreading. Fewer than the common flu. Not due to isolation, because it's only deadly if you're over 60 and unfit or have a terminal illness.

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