21 thoughts on “COPING WITH COVID-19: Events unfold on the streets of Toronto

  1. Cheryl Ng says:

    the reason why I think governments said masks are useless could be because of the lack of masks or they want to lie to their own people to prevent people from rushing to get masks or hoarding them. they just want to keep the masks available for medical teams in the hospitals. if not why medical staffs need to wear those masks. think.
    masks are not proof from viruses but they at least prevents cough droplets or reduce the exposure to viruses

  2. Alex Chappy says:

    This lifestyle will be around for a year,,,,,to contain 5-7 months then to terminate it 3-4 months…if people listen and stop socializing,,,close the border, stop flights, better screening in airports, invest in Canada and make mask, sanitizers, test kits and toilet paper,,,stop giving money to foreign countries,,,I want my job back,,,just lay-off

  3. Rommy says:

    It would not be a bad thing if this virus entered the large cities in the world where liberals congregate and live on top of each other and step in each others feces and garbage. Liberalism is the greatest threat to world peace and security and must be eradicated.

  4. Sarah sulwey says:

    Close those business and these virus will not keeping moving around,as must social distance to avoid getting sick.Stupid people!!you love a stupid game more than your life or reinfecting others.

  5. Suzuki Rider says:

    justin is a self-serving EVIL WEASEL !!! He should have closed the border 6 weeks ago and this tragedy could have been suppressed!! But no, he has to have Roxham road wide open and bring in as many infected , illegal immigrants from the hotspot New York.
    He needs to build up his voter base at the expense of all other Canadians!!!

  6. Edward Bliss says:

    Most of Toronto is going to riot if rents aren't deferred. Even if the city/government enforces it, landlords are going revolt, so either way nobody wins. Shits gonna hit the fan.

  7. Renata Ostertag says:

    A few weeks ago the PM told us to hug and kiss others, particularly those from a certain country and in the city where we live, the city cllrs called the MSM to film them
    while they were walking about Ch#na Town. They called out everybody that would not eat in the restaurants anymore and those who stopped buying groceries and other
    goods from the shops in Ch#na Town.

  8. Ben Allmark says:

    Well by Trudeau not banning incoming flights a month ago when he should have, the numbers will be through the roof in a few weeks unfortunately. Many Canadians will die and Trudeau will have blood 🩸 on his hands !

  9. discoveryman59 says:

    Partisan politics has wrecked the world! Its at a point where the people find it impossible to separate the truth from the politics! Maybe its time to open up the Psychiatric hospitals again, these people are clearly not able to look after themselves.

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